We are Turkish Volunteers, a non-profit organization established to bring together Turkish groups and individuals in order to promote international awareness about the recent earthquake in Türkiye.

A year has passed since the earthquake in Turkey, yet our scars remain raw. Once again, we're running for them to honor those we've lost and to help those who remain.

On May 6th 2023, we ran together in 20 cities across 12 countries to support children in Turkey who lost their limbs in the earthquake on February 6.

On Feb 6, 2023, devastating earthquakes of 7.7 and 7.6 hit Southern Turkey, breaking 350 km of fault line, which is equivalent to the distance between Dubai and Muscat

10 provinces and 108,812 km2 area (larger than UAE) got impacted which is larger than 89 countries. Tectonic Plates shifted 3 meters

Estimated death toll is 72,663. 105,505 people injured. 1350+ children are orphaned. More than 2 Million people are under the risk of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Current quantifiable financial loss is $84Billion which is almost equivalent to Oman’s GDP


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