Social and Phycological Impact

Based on TURKONFEND Pre-Assessment Status Report, estimated death toll is 72,663. CATDAT Earthquake model comparing the disaster with Sichuan 2008 also estimates worse numbers. 105,505 people injured. 1350+ children are orphaned.

13.5M people were living in the Disaster Zone. More than 1 million have been being moved to temporary shelters. Schools and social support buildings are damaged, and many social workers are lost, many are living with early-stage trauma and need help. 24,921 damaged building to be re-built. Around 15% of the population in a region affected by natural disasters are at risk of developing PTSD, which could amount to more than 2 million people in a disaster zone. This number is expected to increase given Turkey's population of 85 million. Additionally, people who do not develop PTSD may still experience other emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, and altered emotional recognition.